It has come to our attention that some group of people have organised fishing events and have used our signs including our logo, club name etc on the bank. These signs were placed before their match day (Achna dam yesterday and today as well) to indicate that they have special permission from the fisheries department to host these events for a number of days.

This is a serious infringment on multiple counts including using the seal and name of a club registered under the ministry of interior as well as the Cyprus Sports Organisation and the acting federation of fresh water competitions for Cyprus under Fips-ed.

These people perhaps think that our club is a joke. That they can just copy our logos and signs and that is fine.

To our members and friends as well as sponsors and authorities please note that the only official information for our events can be found at our Facebook page and website at These are pre-agreed and authorised by the fisheries department well before the championships begin.

To the primitive group of people who have infringed our seal and name, we expect an apology and the immediate removal of any intellectual property of CFCFF from their events or we will as a legal entity proceed with a lawsuit.

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