1st Feeder Competition 2020 results and photos

Cyprus, the Prodromos Dam, the first feeder fishing championship of 2020, was held. This year, a record number of participants for the club, 19 people took part!The competition took place in three zones, A, B, C. This was one of the difficult competitions, so everyone caught without the usual bait as maggot. We had to use corn. Ordinary worms and crops.
Despite this, the first round went well, everyone showed the highest level of professionalism and attitude towards the competition!
We are always open to all Cyprus fishermen!
Thanks a lot to all the participants, as well as our main sponsor of this competition, H&A Strovolos for sponsorship and support always!

See you all on 21th June for the 2th Feeder competition at Prodromos Reservoir.

Our results and photos: